3rd Project Meeting, Cyprus
25 January 2017 - 27 January 2017

3rd Project Meeting, Cyprus

From Wednesday 25th until Friday 27th January 2017 the 3rd Seminar of the European Legends Project will take place. This time, Anorthosis Famagusta will be the host of the event and the participants will meet for three days in Larnaca, Cyprus. 13 EFDN member clubs from Portugal, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Norway and Germany will be participating.

The focus of the seminar will primarily be the ‘Walking Football’ project. Across the regions, attention will be paid to the concept of ‘Walking Sport’. Thus, how the concept of ‘Walking Football’ can be translated and applied to other sport disciplines.

In order to broaden the reach of ‘Walking Football’ and ‘Walking Sport’ in Europe, the third European Legends seminar will continue to work on producing a Walking Football and Walking Sport practitioners guide for sport clubs, community organisations and sport governing bodies from all parts of Europe. The guide shall contain different methodologies, which the members can implement in their own region and which has the capacity to inspire thousands of others.

The staff will have the opportunity to receive project updates and to discuss Monitoring & Evaluation tools. Additionally, the participants from the different clubs will get the opportunity to discuss their individual projects, to exchange experiences and to share knowledge.

Lastly, the representatives of the clubs will concentrate on planning and preparing the first European Walking football championships, which will be held in the Netherlands in October 2017.