Feyenoord OldStars accompany Childrens Tournament
14 June 2017

Feyenoord OldStars accompany Childrens Tournament

On the 14th of June, more than 200 children, coming from 8 different “Fit Schools” in Rotterdam attended the parents- children tournament.

At the tournament, the children at the opportunity to play against parents or care givers. Thereby, the number of tournament participants rose to more than 400 people.

The tournament matches were accompanied and supported by the players of the Feyenoord Foundation’s Walking Football team. Earlier that day, they had been participating themselves in a tournament against teams from FC Oss and JSV Nieuwegein.

The tournament for children, parents and the Walking Football team did not only focus on the physical activity and social components but also on healthy eating.

During the entire day, information were provided on the topic of healthy eating and well-being.