Vitesse and N.E.C kick-off the Action Week
31 March 2017

Vitesse and N.E.C kick-off the Action Week

In the run-up to the Gelderland derby, OldStars NEC and Vitesse OldStars took a Walking Football tournament all together, on Thursday, in Nijmegen. An avid but friendly derby where the walking version of the beautiful game, called ‘Walking Football’, was played. In addition, it formed the kick-off of the #MorethanFootball Action Week.

At 10.00 am, the four teams, two of Vitesse and two of NEC met on Unity training complex in Nijmegen, and Vitesse OldStars were warmly received by the OldStars NEC, the Walking Football team of N.E.C Nijmegen. Rubbing both teams drank a cup of coffee or tea and discussed about the latest news regarding the derby.

After coffee and tea, both teams then went toward the dressing room to prepare for the competition. The game was fanatical but cozy and sporty. Upon completion, the players shook their hands, and a joint team photograph was made. A great game ahead of the derby next Sunday.

What is Walking Football?

Walking Football and Walking Sport methodology reaches people of 50 years and older that until recently where out of reach for grassroots sport clubs and sport based community organisations. It is successful in England and the Netherlands, but Walking Football and Walking Sport are still unknown in other parts of Europe. It might be a matter of time, as many benefits are created through the participation in Walking Football.