NEC Nijmegen

Club Info

Goffert Stadium

Stadionplein 1

6532 AJ Nijmegen

The Netherlands

NEC Nijmegen

N.E.C. was founded by labourers in 1900. The Goffert Stadium has existed since the late thirties, after having established the whole park as employment project of the Municipality of Nijmegen and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In 2000, the current stadium was built inside the old stadium. As a consequence the number of seats was more appropriate to N.E.C. (from 12,500 to 30,000) and gave the club better business opportunities.

Considering its history, N.E.C. felt the need to set up a foundation to give something back to society and get rooted even more in Nijmegen and surrounding area. The ambition of N.E.C. is to use the stadium more as a hub for social movement. The inhabitants of the whole area, fan or not, should come to the Goffert Stadium to develop themselves.

Foundation ‘N.E.C Doelbewust’

In 2008 N.E.C. founded ‘Stichting N.E.C. Doelbewust’, a foundation to give something back to community . Through this foundation the club initiates, in collaboration with partners, projects that benefit the city and region, establishing N.E.C. in society.

Experience shows that it really works to make use of the power of N.E.C. to encourage people to develop. Whether it is about vitality, mentality or education, the power of N.E.C. always works. Therefore, the Foundation focuses on these three pillars when it comes to social commitment. All activities take place in collaboration with partners on knowledge of the subject.