An additionall Walking Football Team at Feyenoord

14 July 2017

An additionall Walking Football Team at Feyenoord

Due to the new success, the Feyenoord Foundation has decided to start an additional Walking Football team from next season onwards. In that way, the Foundation will be able to give even more 55+ supporters the opportunity to engage in the sport of Walking Football, thereby following an active and socially engaged lifestyle.

Weekly training

The new training group will get together for Walking Football sessions on a weekly basis. 24 players will have the possibility to contribute to the new team. Enrolment is possible for every season ticket holder, who is at least 55 years old.

Sessions and Tournaments

The Feyenoord Foundation started the Walking Football Programme in 2016 in cooperation with the European Legends Programme of the European Football for Development Network (EFDN).

The team of 24 players that started at that time takes since then part in weekly trainings and regular competitions, as the European Legends Tournament in Eindhoven and a tournament in the Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam. Next to that, Feyenoord organised a couple of tournaments and matches themselves to get together with other Walking Football teams.

Great results have been achieved

Due to the participation in the programme, many of the participants were able to improve their physical condition and work towards a more healthy lifestyle. Next to that, Walking Football provides the team members with the opportunity to socially engage on a regular basis, not only during the sessions and the extra activities, which the team organises but also by taking part in grandparents – grandchild activities and volunteering.