Fulham FC Foundation – Walking Football Programme Sustainability

15 November 2017

Fulham FC Foundation – Walking Football Programme Sustainability

The European Legends programme is a positive example of how the power of football can inspire older individuals to enhance their health and well-being, promote social cohesion and create opportunities for volunteering.

This section showcases the endless opportunities that a Walking Football or Walking Sport programme can create within the local community by bringing people and organisations together!

Through the development of partnerships and collaborative relationships, clubs can create sustainable and lasting programmes that remain functional after the end of a two year funding period.

Image 1 depicts where Fulham FC Foundation started with the Walking Football programme.

Throughout the lifecycle of the Walking Football programme, stakeholders and partners whose interests aligned with the programme outcomes (the health and well-being of the target group) supported or collaborated on the initiative and experienced positive impacts.

Working collaboratively with stakeholders in the community who share similar objectives such as addressing health and social challenges, helps to form enduring, synergistic relationships and increase the sustainability of the programme in the future.

Image 2 highlights the efforts that have been put forth by Fulham FC Foundation to create a sustainable future for the programme and for future funding opportunities in the community.

During the development of the European Legends programme, a key discussion point is identifying potential collaborators in the community early, in order to ensure the sustainability of the programme.