Walking Football Practitioner’s Guide

Walking Football Practitioner’s Guide

The Practitioners’ Guide is designed to be used by sport clubs, community organisations and sport governing bodies from all parts of Europe. It was realised at the European Legends Walking Football Festival in September 2017.

It aims to provide the basis for developing and implementing a comprehensive capacity development plan, thereby linking analysis with action.

The guide contains different methodologies, which sport organisations can implement in their own region to establish a Walking Football and Sport programme. Thereby, the Guide has the powerful role of inspiring thousands of people to engage in the beautiful game.

The Practitioners’ Guide benefits from valuable input from the participating European Legends partner clubs, which attended diverse project meetings to share their experience and knowledge on their own Walking football and sports programmes.

Therefore, the in the Practitioners’ Guide recommended development and implementation plan is based on Walking Football and Sports methodologies, which were applied, tested and evaluated throughout the programme in the 7 countries.

Target group

  • Sport clubs
  • Sport governing bodies
  • Community organisations


  • Inspiring organisations to create opportunities to participate in the beautiful sport
  • Methodologies for developing & implementing Walking Football & Walking Sport programme

Release of the Practitioners’ Guide

The Practitioner’s Guide can be downloaded following this link.